Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fiction Plane Interview

Here it is. My backstage interview with all three members of Fiction Plane. Getting back there in the first place proved to be a hassle as well. I was given a confirmation for the interview via email and was told to contact Pete Wilhoit (drummer) only in case of emergency. So my buddy Andrew and I get to Summerfest and start asking around at all the different box offices about the backstage passes. No one has them. I even left the grounds to go to a tiny off-to-the-side Summerfest box office and had no luck there either. Getting back in after that was a little risky too, what with me carrying recording equipment. This was quickly turning into an "emergency." So we called up Wilhoit. No answer. I left him a message explaining our situation.

Fifteen minutes pass. We're panicking. Our once in a lifetime chance was ruined! Then we receive a text message from Wilhoit saying to meet them at the front of the stage in a few minutes. Sweet!

We proceeded to meet up with them and had this discussion:

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