Monday, November 2, 2009

Sidestream Radio Show - Episode 3 (CHERRY FLAVORED!) (10-27-2009)

Alright, if you still don't know what Sidestream is all about, then really, just go back a few posts and read the description that the great Peter Henckel wrote about his own show (no biases, I promise!). We've got a whole lot of new and generally unheard of music to show you guys this week, so please check it out and, most importantly, enjoy the show!

Peter says, "On this special spooky episode of Sidestream, I get a listener from the UK and play a few songs in celebration of Halloween."

Episode 3 Playlist:
The Blanks - "Superman"
The Blanks - "Six Million Dollar Man"
31Knots - "Welcome to Stop"
31Knots - "Corporal's Lament"
31Knots - "Compass Commands"
matt pond PA - "So Much Trouble"
matt pond PA - "Several Arrows Later"
matt pond PA - "The Moviegoer"
Tunturia - "Panic Attack"
Tunturia - "Echoes of the Unmoved"
Tunturia - "Cast Shadows on Clouds"
Jack Conte - "Push"
Jack Conte - "Passenger Seat"
Jack Conte - "Kitchen Fork"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Time"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Let Down"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
The Monkees - "Randy Scouse Git"
The Monkees - "Porpoise Song"
The Monkees - "Mommy and Daddy"
Maritime - "Someone Has To Die"
Maritime - "Adios"
Maritime - "Pearl"
The Blanks - "Happy Halloween"
matt pond PA - "Halloween"
Bobby "Boris" Pickett - "Monster Mash"
The Police - "No Time This Time"


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