Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jakob the Liar Film Review

Wow. Jakob the Liar. Where to begin with this movie? I mean, it’s pretty under the radar as far as WWII movies about Jews in the ghetto go. I hate to say it, but that whole concept is frankly getting a little boring. Add in some generic scores from multiple review sites, and this movie seems doomed to be forgotten. I think that kind of fits what this movie was going for in the first place, though.

Jakob the Liar tells the story of (wait for it…) Jakob Hyem. The movie begins with Jakob (played by Robin Williams in one of his surprisingly many serious roles) narrating a joke to the audience.

“Hitler goes to a fortune-teller and asks, ‘When will I die?’ And the fortune-teller replies, ‘On a Jewish holiday.’ Hitler then asks, ‘How do you know that?’ And she replies, ‘Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday.’”

We then find Jakob trying to grasp for a page from a newspaper that has blown over a wall enclosing a Jewish ghetto. The page flies this way and that while Jakob runs around trying to get this stupid piece of paper. It’s almost funny in an absurd “This shouldn’t be funny” kind of way. But this is more than just a stupid piece of paper. This is news, which is forbidden in all Nazi-occupied Jewish ghettos.

This basically sets up the entire tone of the movie. It’s a film about finding hope through humor in a pretty terrible situation. This isn’t a new concept, but it knows that from beginning to end (ESPECIALLY at the end, but I’ll get to that later).

Anyway, fast-forward a bit, and Jakob finds himself awaiting punishment for a pretty harmless crime in the office of a German soldier. While he awaits the officer’s actual arrival, he manages to overhear a radio telling of Russia’s arrival into Germany. Hearing this or anything from a radio is also very much forbidden to the Jews.

So Jakob goes on with his life until he one day stops one of his fellow workers from doing something drastic by telling him of the news he heard on the radio. The worker, taking this out of context, assumes Jakob has a secret forbidden radio in his home. Despite Jakob’s explanations denouncing this idea, the man simply assumes this is all a front so as not to get in trouble with the Gestapo. The news of Jakob’s radio, of course, spreads quickly throughout the entire ghetto. Suddenly, Jakob has many new friends. He continues to deny owning a radio out of fear for his life but quickly realizes the actual hope it brings to these people. So, he inevitably continues the lie by making up new stories on a regular basis of the Russian front which his coworkers eat up like candy.

Let me just say this about his coworkers. I don’t know why, but I absolutely fell in love with these people. Maybe it was the surprisingly stellar performances from a movie that I thought would just be mediocre. Maybe it was the Mountain Dew I just happened to chug right as I started watching this. Either way, this was one of those movies that makes you go, “Oh hey! It’s THAT guy! Hold on. Pause the movie for a sec. I gotta go look up who these guys are and what else they’ve been in, or I won’t be able to focus.” So in this cavalcade, we’ve got Liev “Sabretooth from X-Men” Schreiber, Mark “Tio from television’s Breaking Bad” Margolis, Bob “Captain Orr from Catch-22” Balaban, Michael “Mr. Noodle from Sesame Street” Jeter, and the always amazing Alan “Too Many Characters to List” Arkin. This was, hands down, one of my favorite casts to follow throughout a film. Each actor took their character’s unique traits in stride, making for some great back-and-forth dialogue. You can tell they each truly enjoyed their characters, leading to, dare I say it, some of the best performances in all of their careers.

“But Peter, why should I care about pretty good acting in a movie about the Holocaust when I can just go watch Schindler’s List?” Well, eager reader, I’m actually glad you brought that film up. Here, have a cookie. Honestly, I don’t think this movie wants to be associated with Schindler’s List or any of that film’s wannabes. For instance, this film has Robin Williams as its titular character. That right there should show you how much this movie wants to be associated as something different. This was a film that dared to say, “Hey. Let’s tone down the over-the-top empathy for once, shall we?” I think this is both where the film excelled and doomed itself.

You see, normally movies like this end with a big tear-worthy speech from the hero. Instead…well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but here are Robin William’s words basically spelling out the reality of trying to live each day as a Jew during the Holocaust:

“So that's how it ended. I never got a chance to be the big hero and make my big speech. I swear, I had a speech all prepared about freedom and never giving in. But somehow... Yes, that's how it ended. They all went off to the camps and were never seen again. But maybe it wasn't like that at all.”

Like I said, I don’t really want to give anymore of the movie away. As I’ve pointed out, this has a pretty unique plot with some great dialogue. All in all, I think this is one of those films for those who have already seen those Schindler’s List films and can’t really feel as emotional about them anymore. That’s not to say you shouldn’t. This is just something with a perspective that’s a little…different than what we’re used to. Their lives are utter crap, but they can at least deal with it for now. They’re not in the worst situation they could possibly be in. In a way, it all sort of reminded me of the film Waltz With Bashir. Like Bashir’s Ari Folman, Jakob is more of an observer than an actual hero per se. He wants and tries to be a hero, but he has a certain sense of reality I absolutely fell in love with that Robin Williams truly brings to life. In fact, I think I’m going to have to say this was Robin Williams best serious acting role. It definitely was my favorite.

If for some reason none of this has caught your fancy, at least watch Jakob the Liar for what I believe to be one of the most memorable monologues I’ve heard in a long time. We find Jakob alone in front of his pancake shop contemplating the mess he’s just gotten himself into with the radio. Solemnly, he takes a seat and stares at the ground before beginning to talk aloud to no one in particular.

“Yeah, it is crazy. I know. But when I started to make up those things...I almost believed them. I know. The point is, what am I going to invent tomorrow? In my whole life, my greatest invention was an apricot pancake. A latke. My crowning achievement: Latkes and lies.”

A Gigantic List of Every Song I've Ever Played on My Radio Show

So last week was the last episode of my college radio show Sidestream. It also happened to be the coolest radio show to ever exist, but that’s purely by coincidence. It ran (almost) every Tuesday, and there ended up being 17 two-hour episodes of it in total. I’m really proud of it and how it all turned out…but none of that really matters. You’re just here for the music, which is perfectly fine. After all, that’s what Sidestream was really about. You’d really be doing the bands themselves a favor by checking them out. So do it. In fact, I will secretly judge you if you don't check out these songs. So, without further ado, here is all the music I ever played on Sidestream in one gigantic list…

Episode 1

Aloha - "Let Your Head Hang Low"
Aloha - "All the Wars"
Aloha - "Brace Your Face"
Jose Gonzalez - "Crosses"
Jose Gonzalez - "Hints"
Jose Gonzalez - "Down the Line"
Volta Do Mar - "On Hand Held Sky"
Volta Do Mar - "Searchlights Burn Cornfields Bright"
Volta Do Mar - "Fall Out of Cars Fall Out of Night"
Ivor Biggun - "Let's All Get Demented"
Nancy Tucker - "Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist"
Loudon Wainwright III - "Dead Skunk"
The Slip - "The Earth Will Dissever and Consume You After These Messages"
The Slip - "Happy Snails"
The Slip - "Driving Backwards With You"
The Slip - "Children of December"
The Slip - "Even Rats"
Karate - "Small Fires"
Karate - "The Lived-But-Yet-Named"
Karate - "Sever"
Deltron 3030 - "3030"
The Police - "Murder By Numbers"

Episode 2

Land of Talk - "May You Never"
Land of Talk - "Yuppie Flu"
Land of Talk - "Death By Fire"
Land of Talk - "Some Are Lakes"
The Dears - "We Can Have It"
The Dears - "Lost in the Plot"
The Dears - "You and I Are A Gang of Losers"
The Slip - "Honey Melon"
The Slip - "Sometimes True to Nothing"
Plants and Animals - "Lola Who?"
Plants and Animals - "Good Friend"
Plants and Animals - "Faerie Dance"
Plants and Animals - "Mercy"
Abandoned Pools - "Clone High Theme"
Abandoned Pools - "The Remedy"
Abandoned Pools - "Tighter Noose"
Apostle of Hustle - "National Anthem of Nowhere"
Apostle of Hustle - "Rafaga!"
Bonobo - "Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)"
Bonobo - "On Your Mark"
The Police - "Peanuts" from their live album "Live!"

Episode 3 (Halloween)

The Blanks - "Superman"
The Blanks - "Six Million Dollar Man"
31Knots - "Welcome to Stop"
31Knots - "Corporal's Lament"
31Knots - "Compass Commands"
matt pond PA - "So Much Trouble"
matt pond PA - "Several Arrows Later"
matt pond PA - "The Moviegoer"
Tunturia - "Panic Attack"
Tunturia - "Echoes of the Unmoved"
Tunturia - "Cast Shadows on Clouds"
Jack Conte - "Push"
Jack Conte - "Passenger Seat"
Jack Conte - "Kitchen Fork"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Time"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Let Down"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
The Monkees - "Randy Scouse Git"
The Monkees - "Porpoise Song"
The Monkees - "Mommy and Daddy"
Maritime - "Someone Has To Die"
Maritime - "Adios"
Maritime - "Pearl"
The Blanks - "Happy Halloween"
matt pond PA - "Halloween"
Bobby "Boris" Pickett - "Monster Mash"
The Police - "No Time This Time"

Episode 4

In this episode, there’s a special tribute to my dad in the beginning who just had surgery for colon cancer that morning, hence the 80s music in the beginning. He’s a lot better now…
\m/ …all thanks to ROOOCK!!! \m/

Alice Cooper - "Poison"
AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"
Aerosmith - "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"
Def Leppard - "Rock of Ages"
Porcupine Tree - "The Yellow of the Evening Train"
Porcupine Tree - "Time Flies"
Porcupine Tree - "Degree Zero of Liberty"
The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - "Surrounded"
The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - "Scorpio Rising"
The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice - "Emerging"
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Seven"
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Faces in Disguise"
Jeremy Enigk - "A New Beginning"
Jeremy Enigk - "Been Here Before"
Jeremy Enigk - "Mind Idea"
Jeremy Enigk - "Late of Camera"
Mock Orange - "Song in D"
Mock Orange - "Ms. Brown's Morning Cup"
Mock Orange - "Old Movies"
Marcy Playground - "Sex & Candy"
Marcy Playground - "It's Saturday"
Marcy Playground - "Bye Bye"
Marcy Playground - "Blackbird"
Marcy Playground - "Gin and Money"
Marcy Playground - "Good Times"
Aloha - "The Sound Between"
Aloha - "Perry Como Gold"
Aloha - "We Get Down"
The Police - "Masoko Tanga"

Episode 5

Lenny Kravitz – “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (MTV Unplugged version)
Lenny Kravitz – “Let Love Rule”
Lenny Kravitz – “Mr. Cab Driver”
Jeremy Messersmith – “Novocain”
Jeremy Messersmith – “Snow Day”
Jeremy Messersmith – “Scientists”
Jeremy Messersmith – “The Silver City”
Jeremy Messersmith – “Welcome to Suburbia”
The Wars of 1812 – “Homestay”
The Wars of 1812 – “Radios Unsigned”
The Wars of 1812 – “Driftin’”
Zero 7 – “In Time”
Zero 7 – “Climbing Up the Walls” (Radiohead cover)
The Avalanches – “Frontier Psychiatrist”
The Avalanches – “Etoh”
State Radio – “Knights of Bostonia”
Wax Tailor – “Que Sera”
Wax Tailor – “How I Feel”
Wax Tailor – “Behind the Disguise (closing)”
Saltillo – “A Necessary End”
Saltillo – “A Simple Test”
Saltillo – “A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist”
The Books – “It's Musiiiiic!”
The Books – “It Never Changes to Stop”
The Books – “Smells Like Content”
The Books – “Venice”
The Police – “Secret Journey”

Episode 6

All Envy Aside – “Burning Again”
All Envy Aside – “Message for the Blind”
All Envy Aside – “Merde”
Volcano Choir – “Husks and Shells”
Volcano Choir – “Sleepymouth”
Volcano Choir – “Island, IS”
The Appleseed Cast – “Mile Marker”
The Appleseed Cast – “Blind Man’s Arrow”
The Appleseed Cast – “Kilgore Trout”
Blind Pilot – “Welcome to Daytrotter”
Blind Pilot – “Go On, Say It” (Daytrotter version)
Blind Pilot – “I Buried A Bone” (Daytrotter version)
Blind Pilot – “3 Rounds and a Sound” (Daytrotter version)
David Bowie – “Changes”
David Bowie – “Life on Mars”
David Bowie – “Space Oddity”
The Dismemberment Plan – “The Face of the Earth”
The Dismemberment Plan – “Time Bomb”
The Dismemberment Plan – “The Other Side”
Aloha – “A Hundred Stories”
Aloha – “Summer Away”
Aloha – “Equinox”
Fiction Plane – “American Standard”
Fiction Plane – “If Only”
Fiction Plane – “Wise”
Fiction Plane – “Presuppose”
The Police – “Reggatta De Blanc”

Episode 7

Zzzz – “Assassination Polka”
Zzzz – “Snowball”
13ghosts – “The Lonely Death of Space Avenger”
13ghosts – “Beyond The Door”
13ghosts – “Bury Me”
Yndi Halda – “Dash & Blast”
Passion Pit – “Little Secrets”
Radical Face – “Welcome Home, Son”
Radical Face – “The Strangest Things”
Radical Face – “Wrapped in Piano Strings”
Radical Face – “Winter is Coming”
Unwed Sailor – “Little Wars”
Unwed Sailor – “The Garden”
Mice Parade – “Tales of Las Negras”
Mice Parade – “The Last Ten Homes”
Mice Parade – “Snow”
The Six Parts Seven – “Conversation Heart”
The Six Parts Seven – “Stolen Moments”
The Six Parts Seven – “Falling Over Everything”
The Bad Plus – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana cover)
The Bad Plus – “Life on Mars” (David Bowie cover)
The Bad Plus – “Tom Sawyer” (Rush cover)
Trainwreck – “TV Theme”
Trainwreck – “John Bartholomew Shredman”
The Police – “Be My Girl – Sally”

Episode 8

Alpha Transit – “Soul Filter”
Alpha Transit – “F.A.F.”
Colin Hay – “Overkill” (acoustic version)
Colin Hay – “Beautiful World”
Colin Hay – “Cactus”
Colin Hay –“I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You”
The Jazz Mandolin Project – “Xenoblast”
The Jazz Mandolin Project – “Jungle Tango”
The Jazz Mandolin Project – “Pointillism”
Pele – “The Mind of Minolta”
Pele – “Sepit”
Pele – “Hummingbirds Eat”
Peter Gabriel – “More Than This”
Peter Gabriel – “Signal to Noise”
Peter Gabriel – “The Tower That Ate People (Steve Osbourne mix)”
Kwoon – “Intro”
Kwoon – “I Lived on the Moon”
Kwoon – “Blue Melody”
These next songs were grouped together as a one-time thing I did that was like a soundtrack to the apocalypse. Why did I do it? Cause I’m weird.
REM – “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)”
The Postal Service – “We Will Become Silhouettes”
The Shins – “We Will Become Silhouettes” (The Postal Service cover)
Muse – “Apocalypse Please”
Queens of the Stone Age – “The Sky is Fallin’”
The Police – “When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around”

Episode 9 (Christmas)

Balmorhea – “Dream of Thaw”
Balmorhea – “The Winter”
One EskimO – “Hometime”
One EskimO – “Astronauts”
One EskimO – “Kandi”
matt pond PA – “Snow Day”
matt pond PA – “Fall Two”
matt pond PA – “Winterlong”
Pilate – “Fairytale of New York”
Tom McRae – “Wonderful Christmastime”
The Polyphonic Spree – “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”
Royal Crown Revue – “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
Ivy – “Christmas Time is Here”
Belasana – “Bittersweet Eve”
Pedro the Lion – “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”
The Raveonettes – “The Christmas Song”
Death Cab for Cutie – “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
matt pond PA – “Winter One”
matt pond PA – “I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight”
matt pond PA – “Holiday Road”
Pomplamoose – “O Come All Ye Faithful”
Vince Guaraldi – “Christmas Time is Here”
Vince Guaraldi – “Oh, Good Grief”
Vince Guaraldi – “Linus and Lucy”
Queen – “Thank God It’s Christmas”
Weird Al Yankovich – “Christmas At Ground Zero”
Weird Al Yankovich – “The Night Santa Went Crazy”
The Muppets – “Ringing of the Bells”
John Denver & The Muppets – “Twelve Days of Christmas”
John Denver & The Muppets – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
John Denver & The Muppets – “Little Saint Nick”
John Denver & The Muppets – “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
The Police – “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”

Episode 10

The American Analog Set – “The Only One”
The American Analog Set – “Choir Vandals”
The American Analog Set – “Million Young”
The Antlers – “Sylvia”
The Antlers – “Bear”
The Antlers – “Shiva”
RTB2 – “When Hammer Hits Stone”
RTB2 – “Yer Fool’s Suite II”
The Titan Courageous – “Love in the Asylum”
The Titan Courageous – “A Shipwreck Song”
Aloha – “Moonless March”
Aloha – “Waterwheel”
Aloha – “You’ve Escaped”
Aloha – “You’ve Escaped (7” version)”
The Shins – “Split Needles”
The Shins – “Split Needles (Alternate version)”
Broken Social Scene – “Major Label Debut”
Broken Social Scene – “Major Label Debut (Fast)”
The Police – “Truth Hits Everybody”
The Police – “Truth Hits Everybody ‘83”
The Police – “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”
The Police – “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da ‘86”
The Police – “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”
The Police – “Don’t Stand So Close to Me ‘86”

Episode 11

Calamine – “Sealab 2021 Theme”
Dub FX – “Rude Boy (Live in Manchester)”
Dub FX – “The Rain is Gone”
Do Make Say Think – “Fredericia”
Chad VanGaalen – “City of Electric Light”
Chad VanGaalen – “Rabid Bits of Time”
Chad VanGaalen – “Frozen Energon”
The Books – “All A’s”
The Books – “Classy Penguin”
The Books – “8 Frame”
Broken Bells – “The High Road”
Broken Bells – “Vaporize”
Emancipator – “Greenland”
Emancipator – “Black Lake”
Emancipator – “Siren”
The Flaming Lips – “Speak to Me/Breathe” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Flaming Lips – “On the Run” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Flaming Lips – “Time” (Pink Floyd cover)
Foxhole – “Wake Up, Get Dressed, We’re Sinking”
Foxhole – “A Series of Springs and Falls”
Foxhole – “The End of Dying”
Peter Gabriel – “My Body is a Cage”
Peter Gabriel – “Signal to Noise”
Peter Gabriel – “The Drop”
The Police – “Omega Man”

Episode 12

Nathan Johnson – “Emily’s Theme”
Nathan Johnson – “The Sun’s Whose Rays Are All Ablaze”
Nathan Johnson – “Tug’s Tale (Part 2)”
Secret and Whisper – “Blonde Monster”
Secret and Whisper – “You Are Familiar”
Secret and Whisper – “XOXOXO”
Pele – “Gymnastics (Pam)”
Pele – “The Mind of Minolta”
Pele – “Hummingbirds Eat”
Penguin Café Orchestra – “Music for a Found Harmonium”
Penguin Café Orchestra – “Perpetuum Mobile”
Penguin Café Orchestra – “Penguin Café Single”
Saxon Shore – “Amber, Ember, Glow”
Saxon Shore – “The Revolution Will Be Streaming”
Saxon Shore – “This Shameless Moment”
Pilate – “Knife-Grey Sea”
Pilate – “Alright”
Pilate – “Barely Listening”
By Divine Right – “Come for a Ride”
The Slip – “Children of December”
The Slip – “Even Rats”
Aloha – “Moonless March”
Aloha – “Microviolence”
Aloha – “Waterwheel”
Pomegranates – “Everybody, Come Outside!”
Pomegranates – “Corriander”
The Radio Actors – “Nuclear Waste”
The Police – “Shadows in the Rain” (live in Tokyo ’81)

Episode 13

The Monkees – “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”
The Monkees – “No Time”
The Monkees – “Valleri”
William Shatner – “I Can’t Get Behind That”
William Shatner – “Common People”
William Shatner – “Has Been”
Leonard Nimoy – “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”
Hoven Droven – “Slentbjenn”
Hoven Droven – “A…repolska”
Hoven Droven – “Grovhalling”
Brad Barr – “Sarah Through the Wall”
Brad Barr – “Bouba’s Bounce”
Brad Barr – “Heartshaped Box” (Nirvana cover)
Mother Mother – “Ghosting”
Mother Mother – “Hay Loft”
Mother Mother – “Wrecking Ball”
Men Working In Trees – “Monday”
Men Working In Trees – “Golden Age”
Men Working In Trees – “Mary”
Here We Go Magic – “Collector”
Here We Go Magic – “Ahab”
Here We Go Magic – “Fangela”
The Decemberists – “The Perfect Crime I”
The Police – “Darkness”

Episode 14

REM – “Lotus”
REM – “You’re in the Air”
REM – “Walk Unafraid”
Inspired Flight – “An Outlet”
Inspired Flight – “Parasympathetic”
Inspired Flight – “It Always Takes”
Inspired Flight – “Ahmed – Back in the Day (remix)”
The Velvet Teen – “Radiapathy”
The Velvet Teen – “The Prize Fighter”
The Velvet Teen – “Around the Roller Rink”
The National Bank – “The Balladeer”
The National Bank – “Something New”
The National Bank – “Styrofoam”
Neverending White Lights – “The Grace”
Neverending White Lights – “Always”
Neverending White Lights – “I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty”
Oso – “Kuno Esama”
Oso – “The War Years”
Oso – “Impact Falconry”
The Alpha Centauri – “Rainbow”
The Alpha Centauri – “No One Else”
The Alpha Centauri – “Boys and Girls”
The Police – “A Sermon”

Episode 15

Christopher Lee – “Act III: The Bloody Verdict of Verden”
Raising the Fawn – “The News”
Raising the Fawn – “Gwendolyn”
Raising the Fawn – “Drownded”
Murder By Death – “Those Who Stayed”
Murder By Death – “I’m Afraid of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”
Murder By Death – “You Are the Last Dragon”
Freelance Whales – “Generator ^ 1st Floor”
Freelance Whales – “Hannah”
Freelance Whales – “Location”
matt pond PA – “Starting”
matt pond PA – “Running Wild”
matt pond PA – “Brooklyn Fawn”
The Squirrels – “Speak to Me” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Squirrels – “Breathe” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Squirrels – “On the Run” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Squirrels – “Time” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Squirrels – “The Great Gig in the Sky” (Pink Floyd cover)
Brad Smith – “Money” (Pink Floyd cover)
Brad Smith – “Us and Them” (Pink Floyd cover)
Brad Smith – “Any Colour You Like” (Pink Floyd cover)
Brad Smith – “Brain Damage” (Pink Floyd cover)
Brad Smith – “Eclipse” (Pink Floyd cover)
The Police – “Low Life”

Episode 16

Jurassic 5 – “The Influence”
Jurassic 5 – “Swingset”
City & Colour – “Casey’s Song”
City & Colour – “Sleeping Sickness”
City & Colour – “Waiting…”
City & Colour – “As Much As I Ever Could”
Aloha – “Lub Dub Da”
Aloha – “Once More With Feeling”
Aloha – “Summer of The Breakup”
Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1”
Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2”
Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3”
Jeremy Messersmith – “Violet!”
Jeremy Messersmith – “Knots”
Jeremy Messersmith – “A Boy, A Girl, and A Graveyard”
Crash Kings – “Mountain Man”
Crash Kings – “It’s Only Wednesday”
Crash Kings – “Come Away”
Broken Social Scene – “World Sick”
Broken Social Scene – “Forced to Love”
Broken Social Scene – “All to All”
Plants and Animals – “Tom Cruz”
Plants and Animals – “Kon Tiki”
Plants and Animals – “The Mama Papa”
Minus the Bear – “My Time”
Minus the Bear – “Summer Angel”
Minus the Bear – “Into The Mirror”
The Police – “Tea in the Sahara”

Episode 17

Aloha – “Fractures, Pt. 1”
Aloha – “They See Rocks”
Aloha – “Let Your Head Hang Low”
Aloha – “Balling Phase”
Aloha – “It Won’t Be Long”
Aloha – “Protest Song”
Aloha – “Thieves All Around Us”
Aloha – “Dissolving”
Aloha – “I Wish No Chains Upon You”
Aloha – “We Get Down”
Aloha – “Warsaw”
Blind Melon – “Galaxie”
Blind Melon – “2 x 4”
Blind Melon – “Vernie”
Blind Melon – “Skinned”
Blind Melon – “Toes Across the Floor”
Blind Melon – “Walk”
Blind Melon – “Dump Truck”
Blind Melon – “Car Seat (God’s Presents)”
Blind Melon – “Wilt”
Blind Melon – “The Duke”
Blind Melon – “St. Andrew’s Fall”
Blind Melon – “New Life”
Blind Melon – “Mouthful of Cavities”
Blind Melon – “Lemonade”
The Police – “Fallout”

I’ve even got all the scripts for each episode saved as well. But you can’t have those. They’re for my eyes only. They contain hidden things, like why I end every show with a song by The Police.
Thanks again to everybody who ever listened to this show at some point! It really was a blast to make.