Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sidestream Radio Show - Episode 2 (10-20-2009)

The latest episode of Sidestream Radio Show, from October 20, 2009.
If you don't know what Sidestream is all about then go back and read the last post. It's the same idea as the last show. Peter plays unknown music and ends the show with The Police.

With that I give all the ambitious listeners a challenge and everyone the playlist.

Episode 2 Challenge:
Can you spot the facebook and xfire sounds?

Episode 2 playlist:
Land of Talk - "May You Never"
Land of Talk - "Yuppie Flu"
Land of Talk - "Death By Fire"
Land of Talk - "Some Are Lakes"
The Dears - "We Can Have It"
The Dears - "Lost in the Plot"
The Dears - "You and I Are A Gang of Losers"
The Slip - "Honey Melon"
The Slip - "Sometimes True to Nothing"
Plants and Animals - "Lola Who?"
Plants and Animals - "Good Friend"
Plants and Animals - "Faerie Dance"
Plants and Animals - "Mercy"
Abandoned Pools - "Clone High Theme"
Abandoned Pools - "The Remedy"
Abandoned Pools - "Tighter Noose"
Apostle of Hustle - "National Anthem of Nowhere"
Apostle of Hustle - "Rafaga!"
Bonobo - "Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)"
Bonobo - "On Your Mark"
The Police - "Peanuts" from their live album "Live!"

Enjoy the show!

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