Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Day the Church Music Died...

First off, this has nothing to do with religion. You go ahead and believe whatever you want. Just don't try to force it on me. My Spaghetti Monster and I are in a very happy relationship, thankyouverymuch. No, this is more a rant against the music played in Christian churches, specifically of the Lutheran variety I suppose. Seeing as this is pretty much a music blog, I might as well post it here.
This whole thing started today right after my Journalism class. We discussed Martin Luther's role in the World of Communication and somehow got off on a tangent about how Martin Luther's songs were typically written in taverns. The way they're played in church today is, in my opinion, all wrong. They're meant to be upbeat and get people energized with their toes tappin' and whatnot. Instead, what typically goes on is pretty bland. Sure, there's Christian rock songs, but let's face it: if you can't teach, teach gym, and if you can't make music, switch to Christian rock. I used to give the courtesy of at least lip-syncing (this was more due to the fact that I can sing about as well as a howler monkey) along to the songs that we come to hear each and every week, but I found myself giving even that up years ago.
Unfortunately, religion has changed since the days of Martin Luther. It's not as much in our culture as it used to be. There are more atheists and agnostics in the world than there ever were, and the church seems to be sticking to its conservative roots while logic continues to press on into the future.
So, I guess it boils down to the fact that it will stay the way it is forever. The elders rule the church, and the elders hate change. Plus, I don't think someone could pull off a solution to this music problem anyway without creating something unbelievably and irrevocably lame. Unless, of course, they do this.

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  1. I agree, the music in churches was never my favorite part about going. However music is one of those things that has different effects for different people. I'll say I really don't like country music, as it does nothing for me, but there are people that it really affects; that could be what really matters about music.

    Some Christian do have the upbeat music, or my personal favorite the gospel music, but those people simply have different ways of praying.